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Travel Booking Application with Open Source JavaScript Framework - Delivered 500% uptick on Sales

Our Client is a North America-based Global Travel Agency that promotes Hill resorts along with trips to nearby tourist locations - Sun point, Adventurous activities, etc.

The client was facing challenges in terms of the insipid website and nonresponsive design thus adversely impacting the user experience and leading to low sales. Since they lacked technical competency Inhouse, They turned to Fusionpact for the solution

Upon deliberating the Business requirement along with pain areas, We mutually decided to go for open source technology with React native framework.

We deployed an agile scrum team to dedicatedly work on the project. The team worked in close coordination with the client to incorporate evolving changes to the design. The overall project was divided into key milestones and each milestone outcome was presented in the sprint to showcase the progress and take instant feedback from the client spoc

The application was developed and integrated with all functionalities & components & it was well appreciated by the users reflected in a 500% rise in sales

Our team used React Native, Firebase, Redux along with JavaScript to deliver the application

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