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ForestTwin™: Achieving Carbon Credit Compliance Traceability,

 Sequestrian and Forest Conservation

FusionPact's ForestTwin™ Platform is conceptualized to align with and support net zero goals through carbon credit traceability compliance. We also generate Carbon Credits by setting up certified carbon-credit projects on our Platform. ForestTwin™ is enabled by IOT,  Terrestrial LIDAR drones, and NVIDIA Omniverserse platform. Further, By leveraging the platform's comprehensive data insights and advanced analytics, Informed decisions can be made to help prioritize carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable land use practices. All this help us to drive positive environmental impact and contribute to achieving a net zero future.

Need For Forest Conservation

Forests are essential for mitigating climate change and providing ecosystem services, but deforestation and forest degradation are significant threats. Afforestation and forest conservation are key strategies to address these challenges, which can support sustainable development by providing ecosystem services and livelihood opportunities. Digital twin technology, a virtual replica of a physical system, can be used for forest conservation and carbon trading. By simulating different scenarios and linking to real-time data, stakeholders can assess the potential impacts of land-use decisions and climate change on forest health and carbon sequestration. The digital twin can also provide accurate information on carbon stocks and emissions reductions, increasing trust in carbon markets.

Our Product Features

Forest Twin is a platform that aims to promote net zero goals by facilitating afforestation, reforestation efforts and fight against forest deforestation across the globe. Our mission is to create a sustainable future by leveraging the power of technology to plant and protect forests that serve as vital carbon sinks and ensure carbon-credit traceability compliance. ForestTwin provides a scalable solution for combating climate change and protecting biodiversity. With our innovative approach to reforestation, we envision a world where forests thrive and contribute to a healthy planet for generations to come.

1. Digital Twin Modelling

Apart from ensuring carbon-credit traceability, ForestTwin allows for the creation of a comprehensive digital twin of a forest ecosystem as well, enabling real-time monitoring, analysis, and decision-making.

2. Real-time monitoring

The platform provides real-time monitoring of various aspects of the forest ecosystem, including mapping of tree geolocation and generating instant alerts for illegal logging as well as genome sequencing of trees, temperature, humidity, rainfall, soil quality, and more.

3. AI-driven analytics

The platform uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze data collected by sensors and provide insights on forest health, growth rates, and carbon sequestration potential.

4. Carbon Sequestration Monitoring

ForestTwin enables accurate measurement of carbon sequestration in forests.

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