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Reasons To Consider Google Cloud Computing: Cloud hosting and why it should be used

As the scalability of growing enterprises increases, the intense infrastructure model for storage of database and software developments increases simultaneously. Even though cloud computing is not a new feature, it is one of the most developing and in need features for the current decade. Its ease of paying for how much one uses and for how long, with an ease of instant scalability has reduced risks for big corporations to a huge low.

A cloud service provider offers better security, less management, robust data recovery and lack of maintenance for both hardware and software systems. The trend of managing files and services in both, Deployment Models (Public; Private and Hybrid), and Service Models (IAAS; PAAS and SAAS) has grown substantially with the ease and rapidness the same brings to enterprise while decreasing their workforce, management force, investment rates and scaling risk rates among other factors.

Some of the most commonly used Cloud Platforms currently in use are Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure and Google’s GCP. GCP or Google Cloud Platform, launched in the year 2008 has quickly become one of the widest used computing and cloud hosting platforms with client Companies like HSBC, Spotify, PayPal, Twitter, and 20th Century Fox.

GCP provides the extent of application development and integration services while providing service to build, deploy and manage virtual machines for its hosts. When talking about Object Storage, or the storage services that Google Cloud Platform provides, GCP provides a unified object storage for both, live data and archived data. The easy storage and access of the data on GCP infrastructure makes it more suitable for enterprises among the other popular platforms. Its VM disk storage, the GCP Persistence Disk is easy to resize and backup, making it popular among businesses wanting to scale with the reduced investment cost and quicker and cheaper backup option to scale down whenever needed. GCP however, lacks disaster recovery services.

Google Cloud Platform is known for its intense database infrastructure and management systems. GCP entertains database management and maintenance for SQL platforms of PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL servers. Here are some of the key cloud tools that Google Cloud Platform has to offer according to the needs of its user. For Networking and Content Delivery, GCP offers Cloud CDN and Cloud DNS. For Management, the tools to be used are Stack Drive and GCP monitoring. Some Development tools for the users are Cloud Build and Cloud SDK, and some Security tools offered by Google Cloud are Google Cloud IAM and Cloud Security Scanner.

For anyone who is still wondering how cloud computing is the future, remember that Steve Jobs, CEO, Co-FOunder and Chairman for Apple Inc. once said, ‘I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to my server faster. Carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison.’

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