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Reactive Architecture: What is it?

Imagine you are working and suddenly Google is taking a whole minute to load your

search. Or imagine you are buying something on Amazon, and each time you click a

button, it takes 30-60 seconds each to load the actions. Wouldn't you be annoyed or

frustrated at the site? After all, in this quick and responsive era, you need everything

at your fingertips and fast.

Imagine you are working and GitHub or any other Program where you constantly

work is down for 3-4 hours together. What happens then? This is the point where the

unresponsiveness engineered, and so came the need for responsive architecture.

Responsive architecture refers to pickup by other parts of the software if some part

crashes or becomes unresponsive or just stops working. This means that instead of

the software parts which worked through the crash programming shutting down,

they now work on different programs' strengths.

The aim for a responsive architect is to ensure the software’s responsiveness under all

conditions! Among other things, the system should be accommodative of a huge

number of people too, but be also performing at a low value of people.

For understanding the base of Reactive Architecture, let us understand the tenants

on which the system is based. The Tenants of Reactive Manifesto. The four steps

which achieve the proper reactive architecture are Responsive, Resilient, Elastic, and

Message Driven. The software should always be RESPONSIVE to the user and run

smoothly, consistently and give quick responses. RESILIENCE means that the

software must be able to respond at times like hardware or software crash too!

The software must also be ELASTIC, meaning no matter the workload the system gets, it

has the ability to handle it, be it a 100 users or 10 Million. Lastly, the software should

be MESSAGE DRIVEN, meaning the software should rely on asynchronous

message-passing. Making a software with any of these features is easy, the real responsive architecture is when a system has all these qualities in it!

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