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Kalix: A new and innovative approach to application development


For many decades, programming has been around, and the internet has gone through various phases. Coding is now more valued than ever, and given the proliferation of technology, there is an increased demand for the development of creative applications with ease. In response to this, We see a growing number of platforms being available to help optimize the software development effort and deliver Business outcomes. In this blog, We are going to talk about one such revolutionary platform - Kalix by Lightbend Technologies that makes developing and managing applications much simpler.

So, what is Kalix? It is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) developed by Lightbend that deals with the typical problems encountered by developers. When creating an app, many steps have to be taken into consideration, and companies often invest heavily in something that might not be successful. Kalix has been designed to reduce this risk.

What is Kalix?

What is Kalix?

Kalix is a PaaS program developed by Lightbend to tackle the software development related tasks that have usually been tackled by developers. Developing an Application comes with multifarious challenges and it has a lot of steps that a developer needs to take, a lot of different constraints that he/she has to measure, often at times this leads to engineering organizations and developers to spend considerable time on it. Its a Platform as a Service (PAAS) Software product which is cloud-based, database-less, server-less, broker-less and helps in optimizing the software development & deployment.

How is it different? Key USPs of the PaaS product

Kalix takes an API-first design approach, which entails the breaking down of application into microservices-based Architecture. The platform helps in alleviating a lot of pain that us, software developers face on a daily basis to develop applications. The people who have developed enterprise applications must have taken a long sigh when they must have read this, the pain and the effort they suffer and put in. Kalix is their hero, it manages everything on their behalf asking them to be solely focused on the business logic of the application and to write code specifically for that. Kalix is a step-forward in the Akka Framework by Lightbend by making it even more developer-friendly. Kalix is kubernetes-less, broker-less, database-less and serverless making it a developer’s best friend as shared below -.

Kalix is a serverless platform which makes sure to take care and manage the servers for your application, this takes away the daily pain of managing and maintaining these servers. Gone are the days where you were developing Java Applications and connecting your JDBC to your Tomcat or Jelly server, Kalix is here to introduce you to the new age of developing applications.

Kalix is a Kubernetes-less platform which takes care of all of the Docker containers that are we have created for your applications. A docker container contains all the pieces of softwares and everything needed to run it, all the dependencies, libraries etc.When developing a Java Application especially a Java EE application using Microservices architecture, the developer usually uses docker containers to store various services of the application and Kubernetes is a platform which is used to maintain and manages these containers. When there is an application which requires a lot of containers for all of its services it becomes difficult to manage them. Kalix takes care of all this hence promoting their message of “More Dev and less Ops”

At the same time, Kalix is also Database-less which means that developers do not need to worry about maintaining and modifying databases as well. This makes it perfect for data-centric use cases like digital twins for IoT, real-time financial services, telemedicine, streaming media or gaming.

How to get started?

If you are a developer everything mentioned above must sound great and you would be ready to get started on this new platform as soon as possible and great for you it is very easy as well.

Below are the steps mentioned for you to quickly get set up and start developing your applications.

It is very easy to start developing applications in Kalix.

Step 1: For using Kalix is to go to the website of Kalix and click on the 'Start for free' button there.

Step 2: Involves you signing up and making a free account,you can also signup for a free letter if you want

Step 3: Do a Quickstart in any language you want, Kalix provides access to languages such as Java, Scala, JavaScript and TypeScript.

To read the whole manual make sure to visit the link:

Why choose Kalix?

Kalix combines an API first, database-less programming model with a serverless runtime. By bringing all of that into one single package, developers no longer have to set up and tune databases, maintain and provision servers, configure or run compute clusters. All of that is handled by Kalix. On top of that, Kalix brings you advanced data access patterns like Event Sourcing, CQRS, and CRDTs without developers having to learn how to implement them. All they need to do is build their stateful serverless service using one of the available languages and they’re up and running in minutes. From a business perspective, it has major advantages: it can help you get your application into the market much faster, With this platform you do not need a lot of skilled developers as well, anyone familiar with the languages Kalix supports such as Java, Scala or JavaScript will be able to use Kalix. This saves cost in hiring. Kalix helps you save time and money on managing the servers, built on the foundation of AWS it helps your team to focus solely on the development of the Business Problem of the Application which in turn will lead to better results.

Projects on Kalix

With so many advantages ,People have leverages this platform in order to create applications in Business such as E-commerce and many other things, Kalix projects contains services or list of services, with that it also team collaborations for more information on Kalix manages these make sure to go through the developer docs on the Kalix Website.

We Fusionpact, Our Product engineering team has gained expertise in using Kalix platform in building Business application.

What can you look forward to?

With the technology moving at a very fast pace, learning Kalix and being able to develop Kalix certainly will help you grow in your field as well. With the market growing and the rise in the need of learning coding as a major skill, Kalix certainly helps businesses to put out applications without much hassle, even removing the need for hiring highly trained individuals. A wise man once said that the most important skill to develop is the ability to learn. After learning Kalix that saying will truly make sense to everyone. Its unique selling points and letting people, developers focus on the business incentive of the project is a great advantage. After all we are looking for solutions that are going to make our lives better, that are going to get us closer to more revenue, that will focus more on DEV and less on OPS

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