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Google Cloud Services: A blog about how it is changing the world.

The world is moving at an everfast pace, with the rise of technology and digitalization, the world has taken a route that has never been explored before. We are seeing changes and new ways of doing old-fashioned things in a more efficient and less time consuming way. In early 2019, when COVID hit the world, it made us think on how to promote our services and businesses in a way where there are no physical ways to contact other people, Digitalization and technology were at an all time high. Cloud Computing became a pretty worn out word in the tech community, it became a means for the businesses to scale their brand, they saw the potential in the air which had been addressed to them a long time ago but was never implemented by them due to people having issues with coming to terms with the new form of technology.

There was a time in the world where the Internet was considered to be a myth, A vessel of free knowledge was considered to be a myth but 46 years after its birth there is no person alive who can live their life without the internet. It is safe to say that we as humans have come a long way and a part of it can be blamed on the rise and the improvements technology has made in our lives.

Cloud Computing services are one of the ways where we can look into the future. For people who do not have much of an idea about cloud computing, I will start by giving a short brief about it.

Imagine you have a business, a small business and there is an opportunity for you to scale your business, While scaling is definitely good for your business as it gives you a new target audience which leads to the company creating more revenue but scaling proves to be a very difficult task for most smaller business without a huge inflow of cash or investments, sometimes even leading to huge amount of debts which in turn prove to be a killer for many startups.

Now imagine what if instead of the physical method of scaling you can do all of that on a digital cloud where you can have all of your files, data stored with the utmost protection and at a very minimal cost, way less than the cost of expenditure it generally takes a business to scale. Cloud Computing services have changed the world for good by taking control of the daily hassle people used to deal with when performing very simple tasks which were considered to be very hard jobs for the normal people. In the very primitive stages of the internet, if you had to send an Email to someone it used to be not as easy as now, there were no dedicated email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. People had to maintain their own services and needed to have a special software just to send a simple Email, one can imagine how many problems and issues it posed an individual from maintaining the server to huge maintenance fees of these servers. With the coming of email service providers, this basic daily task of sending just an Email has been made very easy by just logging in and pressing a send button we can communicate to our peers very easily. All these data for Emails have been stored on the cloud which are highly encrypted. They promote a centralized system which was the basic module of Web 2.0 but that is a discussion for some other day and time.

One of the main features of these cloud computing services are what if in the scaling process you realize that you need to scale down, that there is no need to scale that much, in the traditional method you would be losing a ton of money, with the help of cloud computing services you can scale down or scale up without the fear of losing money, these cloud computing services store our data on large computers which are just made up of data and applications we want them to store. One of the other questions that might be planted in your brain is that if all these machines are kept in some big buildings what happens if there is a fire or the building is burned down or buried or something that makes the building breakdown into little crumbs of rocks. The data that we stored is still kept safe as these service providers have backup buildings which will keep our data safe if there is any such natural calamity caused which happens to harm the building.

Currently there are certain cloud service providers who can do the job for you they are known as public cloud service providers and I am pretty sure you must have heard of them. Companies like AWS, Google, IBM are some of the leading companies providing these services. These are some of the biggest companies in the world. For example: Netflix, a paid subscription-based streaming service have all their data stored with AWS who takes care and protects the enormous data Netflix is having.

Google Cloud is the third largest cloud service platform in the world and is a type of public cloud service which means that it is accessible to everyone on the world wide web. Google Cloud offers services for compute, storage, networking, big data, machine learning and IoT, as well as cloud management, security and developer tools.

Now with all of these service providers available how can you choose the best one possible for your brand?

These cloud based services are very similar but with a little differences in what they can offer. There are certain advantages Google cloud services provide which cannot go unnoticed, all of the data transmission that takes place on the Google Cloud is encrypted, this feature is not provided by the biggest cloud service provider like AWS. Google cloud provides it’s users with 1GB to 64TB in volume size, this makes is accessible to a lot of companies and starting from just 1gb it makes it accessible to individuals and also small organisations. Some of the other feature of google cloud are .Big Data: The Google Cloud Platform offers a full big data solution, but there are two unique tools for big data processing and analysis on Google Cloud Platform. First, BigQuery allows users to run SQL-like queries on terabytes of data. Plus, you can load your data in bulk directly from your Google Cloud Storage. The second tool is Google Cloud Dataflow. Also announced at I/O, Google Cloud Dataflow allows you to create, monitor, and glean insights from a data processing pipeline. Google Cloud Platform networking tools and services are all based on Andromeda, Google’s network virtualization stack.

These cloud based services are the future, with the rise of Web 3.0 and tech intellectuals promoting a more decentralized system, Cloud based services in my eyes will survive the test of time and will be much more used in the future, We may see a lot of cloud based services coming up in the near future with better features and potentially lower subscription costs. The future beholds us, the technology consumes us and our minds need to be trained to be able to adapt and learn so that the world does not leave us behind.

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