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Gaming is now the world's favorite form of entertainment, as the gaming industry generated more revenue last year than TV, movies, and music did. ... For investors, the rise in the popularity of gaming is creating opportunities on a number of fronts. Game Developers. One promising game developer is Frontier Developments.

Gaming requires the running of specialized applications - Electronic games or Video games on game consoles like X-box and Playstation or on personal computers (in which case the activity is known as online gaming). In its most sophisticated form, a gaming interface encompasses a form of virtual reality.

Modern gaming (and esports) rely on techs like high-powered GPUs, high-accuracy peripherals, and powerful and stable internet connections, most of which would have been utterly unthinkable just a few years ago, performance-wise

Esports is the most significant gaming trend to rise in 2021. The technology that took hold of the gaming market in 2020 after the suspension of actual physical sports provides gamers with a chance to compete against other individuals.

Esports industry growth is expected to affect many aspects of the economy and technology as we know it. People should expect games and video games based on e-sporting activities. For instance, you should look into the multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA for esports integration success into games. Also, there are several other competitive esport styles incorporated into the multiplayer gaming platforms. Here is the list of them:

  • Social Gaming

  • Roguelike Gaming

  • Cloud-Based Gaming

  • Board Games and Card Games

  • Early Access Gaming

Technologies used in Gaming

Artificial intelligence

AI improves the overall gaming experience by making games smarter, more realistic, and just all-around better. AI voice intelligence is an innovation that provides assistance in games and helps players to understand the action better. In the future, game developers will likely work to fully integrate AI into a game’s framework so that the AI will learn from itself and continue to improve and innovate the game, characters, and storylines.

Not a new concept in gaming in any sense, artificial intelligence has already been present in this industry for quite some time now. However, the early use of this technological breakthrough was quite limited. Nowadays, we can see AI being implemented not only in the games themselves but also in the process of game development. More and more gaming companies are starting to see the true potential behind machine learning and are more open to including it in all parts of game development. This will undoubtedly lead to some interesting changes, both for companies and gamers alike. In the gambling industry, AI really got its chance to shine. Here, more and more online casinos are choosing to implement AI in their software. By doing so, they enable players to enjoy a customizable digital view that offers a more enjoyable experience. On top of that, online casinos also use AI to recognize and prevent any type of addictive behavior.


Next on the list comes blockchain. Commonly cited as the next best thing, cryptocurrency is the currency of the future. That being said, gaming companies that start to implement this in their offer will open new doors to players looking for such opportunities. As we already know, people like to have options. And since the current payment methods are already widely expanded to accommodate these new currencies as well, there really is no reason to sleep on such an opportunity. Needless to say, offering cryptocurrency as a payment method will potentially attract even those players who generally avoided this type of content particularly due to security concerns.

Streaming platforms

Streaming platforms are rapidly rising in popularity. And even though the majority of people see them only as a form of entertainment, they actually bring plenty of good to both gamers and companies alike. Gamers often indulge in streamed content as a way to inform themselves about new games hitting the market, among other things. By being able to see actual gameplay before making a purchasing decision really goes in the gamers’ favor. On the other hand, gaming companies can use these channels to identify any potential issues the audience has with the content. This enables gaming companies to significantly improve their offer and enables players to get familiar with new content before necessarily having to invest either time or money in it.

Random number generator

Simply put, a random number generator is actually an algorithm that produces random numbers. In the gaming world, these numbers are linked to different outcomes. For instance, they can trigger random events, determine possible loot – or lack thereof – and affect the outcome of the game. In the gambling world, all slots are based on a random number generator. That’s why their outcome is so unpredictable. In games where players make their avatars, the RNG will determine the look of the avatar if a player opts for a “randomized” look. RNGs are increasingly being implemented in various game types and models. They can virtually find their place in any game genre which makes their use quite versatile. Although sometimes heavily criticized for undermining skill, the fact still remains that RNGs help keep the games fresh and fun.

Virtual reality

For quite some time now there has been plenty of talk regarding virtual reality and its implementation in the world of gaming. And while it’s already been done a few times – with varying levels of success – the fact still remains that full-on VR gaming is not yet a thing. One of the major issues is that the currently available technology that can support VR gaming is very limited and extremely expensive. Of course, due to this, personal VR gaming rigs still entirely seem like the thing of the future. That being said, however, there are VR gaming centers around the globe where interested gamers can go and experience something entirely new. Even though it seems like more time will need to pass until true VR gaming becomes a thing, it no longer seems so far in the future.

Augmented reality

On the other hand, augmented reality has already been mass-presented and used in modern gaming. The ever-so-popular POKEMON Go was one of the first AR games to hit the market and was welcomed with open arms. The huge success of this game encouraged other gaming companies to explore deeper this type of gaming. Needless to say, gamers all over the world can nowadays enjoy numerous titles that are backed up by augmented reality.

Since the world of technology is changing so vastly and so rapidly, businesses that operate in the digital realm can only follow suit. For the gaming industry, not being up to date and following all the latest digital transformations simply doesn’t make much sense. That’s why any professionals operating in this industry need to make sure they stay in the loop with all the latest goings-on.

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