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Facebook Metaverse, Explained.

Zuckerberg introduced Metaverse as "the successor to the mobile Internet" in his

recent keynote on Facebook Connect.

By renaming Facebook to Meta, Zuckerberg plans to unlock the potential of his

Metaverse. The concept has great potential, but is currently in the research and

development stage.

This follows reports that Facebook's popularity is declining. Data from his internal

Facebook report in March 2021 shows that Facebook is losing trust among young

people and teenagers. Bloomberg reported that Facebook's stock fell less than 1% on

his Oct. 25 New York market open.

In his vision for the Metaverse offering, Mark Zuckerberg aims to create a

next-generation internet that is not limited to passive consumption and reaction.

Instead, Facebook's Metaverse takes us on an immersive journey that will change the

way we connect, work, shop, play, and interact with the world around us.

The Metaverse allows you to be part of the experience, not just observe it.

Zuckerberg's description of the metaverse summarizes the parallel reality that

avatars are representations of human selves.

Relax in Horizon Home, call friends to meet, swap virtual wardrobes, go hiking. Or

you can indulge in the joy of face-to-face interaction at work without the hassle of a

physical commute. In other words, connecting people is central to Facebook's

metaverse, reflecting the once-dominant social media value proposition.

Facebook introduced Horizon Home as the home base for the Metaverse. An early

vision of Horizon Home can be experienced with the Quest headset rebranded from

Oculus to Meta.

Think of it as a virtual home where you can hang out with friends in Arizona or Paris.

Future versions of Horizon Home will let you invite your friends to unwind with you,

watch movies, and dive into other apps and games. Horizon is Facebook's social

platform, meant to enable people to create and interact with each other in the


Experts believe gaming platforms are better suited to navigating the metaverse


This is because the gaming industry has a loyal user base familiar with virtual spaces,

3D environments, and fantasy worlds.

Fan favorites like Fortnite and Roblox are seamlessly and easily making their way into

the metaverse, and Fortnite's parent company Epic Games has raised his $1 billion

from investors to advance its long-term plans to build its own metaverse. doing.

All of this is a good starting point for the company as it shows a gamer's strong

desire to take over his Facebook multiverse. This includes planning for fitness

activities, highlighted by the recent launch of the Quest 2's Active Pack.

The Active Pack comes with new grips for touch controllers to make the experience

more immersive and alive.

How this initial vision will be implemented remains to be seen, but the Metaverse

brings great promise and even greater responsibility.

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