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As the approach of Industry 4.0 keeps increasing the demand for software engineers

and developers, the need to know coding has become very optimally in demand. But

as someone looking for a career in something similar, you might often wonder what

language to go ahead with? While Python is very well known, the widespread use of

Scala is also known, and the benefits are definitely highlighting themselves. So why

to opt for Scala instead of going for Python or Ruby? Here’s a few of our top picks. It’s

a kiss bedroom Siri.


Scalability refers to a quick upgrade or downgrade of a program depending on

needs. While Python is great at scalability, the integration of JVM [Java Virtual

Machine] and the easy access to Java Libraries makes the scalability of a program

much faster and smoother than that in Python.


Static Typing refers to when every variable in a language has a known type. This leads

to less errors as the compiler is proactive in detecting the wrong type in expression.

Ruby lacks any such feature, making Scala have yet another feature to be used over

the other.


With Scala leading the way, the coding construct is more secure because Scala

follows type safeguarding. What this does is ensure that the variable values do not

keep changing and thus leads to a less rate of error. These errors could easily

smoother the way coding is done and leads to, thus, a more secure coding.


Pattern making refers to a way by which the program checks for patterns in the

sequence of tokens which are inputted by the user. Unlike Ruby, this feature of Scala

helps in developing algorithms more quickly and efficiently.


Unlike Python, one of the major reasons to go for Scala is the way it supports

numerous files because of its development base. As the development is done on

Java Virtual Machine, the language is adaptable to all the Java files, unlike both

Python and Ruby. Scala also supports multi-threading. Attributes like these once

again bring Scala to the top tier.

This scalable language is developing rapidly as we speak. The language is trying to

create an easy to learn and understand-environment for all those who are just

stepping into coding or otherwise.

So while you may have heard more of Python or Ruby, and even if the language is a

little harder to learn, the longer run output for the same is amazingly rewarding and

the scale of developing expands simultaneously too!

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