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Regulatory Compliance Automation Platform

 Our platform helps businesses by automating regulatory compliance across different global standards. Our platform automates regulatory compliance automation and processing across different global standards like ISO, GDPR, SOC-1, SOC-2, and HIPAA. With our platform, you can easily demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements while reducing manual workloads and improving efficiency. Contact us today to learn more.

Benefits of Our Application

Our software products are thoughtfully designed and engineered to deliver exceptional performance, functionality, and style. Leveraging right mix of emerging technology choices enable us to offer innovative features.  

1. Customizable Checklists

Create tailored checklists for compliance requirements and deadlines.

2. Workflow Automation

Reduce manual workloads with automated workflows for document approval, review, and verification.

3. Compliance Reporting

Real-time information on compliance status and issues with automated reports.

4. Third party tool integration

Integrate with other compliance-related software for improved efficiency.

What are some other features of the application?

Compliance Dashboards

Get a real-time view of compliance status, compliance risks, and other compliance-related metrics with our compliance dashboards. Customize your dashboards to show different levels of detail for different users, such as executives, managers, and compliance officers.

Audit Trail

Our audit trail tracks compliance activities, including document approvals, changes, and other compliance-related events. Use the audit trail to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.

Risk Assesment

Automate risk assessment to identify compliance risks and help businesses mitigate these risks. This includes automated risk assessments based on industry standards, as well as other risk assessment tools.

Document Management

Our platform automates document management to ensure that documents are stored securely and in compliance with regulatory requirements. This includes automated document retention policies, document version control, and document access controls.

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