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Uttrakhand Biochar Initiative - Fusionpact Technologies

Uttrakhand Biochar Initiative (UBI)

At Fusionpact Technologies, we are committed to creating emerging tech-driven environmental solutions that make a lasting impact. Our flagship product, Foresttwin, is an innovative solution for forest management that combines cutting-edge technology with environmental conservation. 

The Uttarakhand Biochar Initiative is a groundbreaking environmental and socio-economic project aimed at mitigating forest fires, enhancing soil health, and fostering sustainable economic development in the Uttarakhand region of India. Leveraging the abundant wood biomass from 13 districts, including pine leaves and other forest residues, the project transforms this biomass into biochar, a potent soil amendment. This initiative not only helps preempt forest fires but also revitalizes local agriculture and strengthens community resilience.


  1. Prevent Forest Fires: By systematically collecting and converting forest biomass, we aim to significantly reduce the incidence of forest fires in Uttarakhand, thereby preventing associated carbon emissions.

  2. Improve Soil Health: Using biochar as a soil amendment, we intend to enhance soil fertility and agricultural productivity, promoting ecological balance and sustainability.

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