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DevOps and Devsecops

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What is DevOps and Devescops?

When we combine both development and operations in IT with equal importance, we call the process DevOps. Here, we don’t have testers, developers, and analysts. The entire software development lifecycle is combined to form DevOps. All teams work together towards a common goal. DevOps is another form of Agile methodology as many steps are copied from Agile. DevSecOps is a culture that involves development, security, and operations. Security is involved in each phase of the software development cycle and a separate team is not allocated for the same. Everyone is accountable for security in DevSecOps

Benefits of DevOps and Devescops


DevOps and deveops   BENEFITS

1) Reduction of expenses and Delivery rate increases.

2)  Security, Monitoring, Deployment check, and notifying systems from the beginning.

3) It supports openness and Transparency right from the start of development.